Hi! My name is Ina, and I love what I do as a pediatric occupational therapist.

About the Blog is a resource where pediatric OTs can go to find out about the latest OT-related news, get some inspiration and ideas for treatment, brush up on the latest research and evidence, find honest reviews on products and CEU courses, and share their own thoughts and ideas with other OTs.

About Me

I’ve been practicing as a pediatric occupational therapist since 2000, and working with children and their parents is the most rewarding part of the job for me. I am passionate about education, whether it is for the children we work with, their parents and teachers, the OT fieldwork students I teach, as well as continuing education for myself and my colleagues.

I am currently working at a school district, with a large portion of my students belonging to the moderate to severe population. Prior to that, I worked at the pediatric outpatient department of a nonprofit rehabilitation hospital in California for 9 years. At the time I went to both public and non-public schools and provide school-based therapy, and provided more medically-based therapy at the clinic through insurance and other funding sources as well. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of the Philippines in 1999, and received my post-professional Master’s degree from San Jose State University in 2013.

I first started blogging in 2002, and I’ve been meaning to write a blog specifically for pediatric occupational therapists for several years now. I’ve finally been able to make the commitment to posting here on a regular basis. I hope you find the information here helpful, and spread the word to your other pediatric OT colleagues!


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  • July 26, 2014 at 12:21 PM

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