Happy New Year! Hopefully you’ve survived the first week back and are getting back into the swing of things. I’ve kind of given up on personal resolutions for the New Year, but I did make some OT-related ones.

This 2014, I am going to:

Be more systematic about treatment planning
Get my treatment notes done in a timely manner
Get back to blogging!

But as any good OT knows, goals need to be specific and measurable! So, here are my goals for myself this year:

By 3/2014, I will complete a written treatment plan on each student on my caseload. (I am developing a treatment planning form that is quick and informal, and I will be sharing it on the blog pretty soon!)

I will complete my treatment notes in the same week I completed the treatment, 90% of the time. (Embarassing as that one is to admit.)

I will publish a new blog post at least once a week.

Ok, now that I’ve shared this with the world, I better go and do it! Do you have any resolutions that you’ve made this 2014?

OT Resolutions for the New Year

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