The light at the end of the tunnel end of the schoolyear is coming up soon for many school-based OTs, and for some (me!) it is already here. Whew! What I had anticipated to be a busy month of March followed by a manageable April turned into a crazy March, super busy April and extended all the way into May. Dory’s wise words, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” became my mantra, and I got through a busy IEP season.

I definitely didn’t reach my goal of a post a week, however I have many exciting plans for this blog that I will be working on this summer. Many of you have signed up for the newsletter, and I plan to come out with our first edition this August. Also, we will have new people posting and much more content on the blog. So stay tuned as we ramp up during this summer and into the next schoolyear!

End of schoolyear

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