Tuesday’s Treatment Idea

One of my colleagues at work (Hi, Katrina!) excitedly shared with me a treatment idea that finally captured her kiddo’s attention and got him to isolate his index finger. I don’t know about you, but it’s always a challenge for me to work on that specific skill to build on to using a pincer grasp.


The idea is pretty simple: fill the holes in a pegboard with foam soap! It makes it a lot more interesting and motivating to poke that finger into that hole.

Isolation of the index finger is usually acquired around 9-12 months, according to the Hawaii Early Learning Profile. Here are a few more activities that will encourage this skill:

  • Poking pegs out from the back of a pegboard
  • Retrieving small objects in an ice cube tray (Keep an eye out for mouthing behaviors!)
  • Pressing buttons on toys and electronic devices (cordless phones, remote control)
  • Use finger puppets
  • Use of an iPhone or other touch screen device — although it’s up to you how young you want to introduce this technology!
  • Poking fingers or small items into playdough or theraputty


Here’s one more unconventional idea: When my son was nine months old, he would constantly walk around with a poplock bead on his finger. I’m not sure whether you want to encourage that specifically, but he sure developed finger isolation with it on!

Please feel free to share any other ideas for encouraging finger isolation in the comments.

Treatment Idea: Finger isolation

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