Free Printable - Self-Regulation Speedometer

Here it is, as promised! I am sharing a free printable to make it quick and easy to make a self-regulation speedometer. This is one of my favorite activities in the Alert Program. The kids just seem to instinctively grasp the concept quickly with this visual.

This speedometer is kind of a mash-up between the Alert Program’s engine speedometer using the colors of the Zones of Regulation. I didn’t put a label on the areas so you could choose what terminology you preferred to use and label it accordingly. One thing I like about this one is that the colors are shown on a spectrum, so you could use this in conversation with your older kiddos about being “in between” zones or being in two zones at once.


I put two speedometers on the printable so you could assemble one for yourself while your student assembles one too. This helps me demonstrate my own engine level or zone (whichever you prefer) while teaching my kiddo about his own. I love to send the speedometer home with my kiddo, and I usually give mine to the parents or teacher.

Free Printable – Self-Regulation Speedometer


Download here


Thanks to my sister for the base of this template! (Did I mention my sister is a pediatric OT, too? I guess it runs in the family.)

Free Printable Speedometer for Self-Regulation

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