Tuesday’s Treatment Idea

One of the most popular items in my school bag is my book of Penny Games. The kids love to work for it as a reward, and sometimes I will first have them copy the directions to their chosen game to add in a bit of handwriting practice. One of my favorite games in the book is the One Cent Slide.


I love this for the mid-range control and eye tracking. I also will turn the book sideways to change up the challenge a little bit.



Here’s another fun game: Penny Soccer. Works great for finger isolation and control.


Feed the Fish is another fun game for mid-range control. It takes quite a bit of control to avoid the shark’s mouths — and even more to keep the penny from sliding all the way off the book!


And did I mention that kids love these games? What about you, are there any fun books like Penny Games in your school bag arsenal?

Treatment Idea: Penny Games

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