I used to be pretty good at math. But somewhere along the way (probably while memorizing the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of every muscle in my anatomy class), those areas of my brain that used to be good at math got overwritten by other information. And so now I struggle at what used to be simple and elementary calculations.

One example is computing the chronological age when scoring assessments. It can take me way longer than is necessary, until I bookmarked this handy little link:

Chronological Age Calculator


Another link I find useful helps me with calculating my timelines after I receive the assessment plan back. I just add 60 days, and it will tell me when my IEP is due.

Timeline Calculator


Here’s one that works for a specific task — scoring the ETCH. I just search Google for “seconds equals minutes” and use the handy calculator at the top to convert the time into minutes, so I can easily compute the speed in letters per minute. This is basically what is in the ETCH manual, except much handier and easier to use.

Seconds to Minutes Calculator


Hope these help you if you have become as mathematically-challenged as I have!

Online Calculators for Therapists

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